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Boarding Pass Vorlage

Boarding Pass Vorlage

Boarding Pass Vorlage – boarding pass vorlageMenunggu an uncertain occurrence is not an easy job. We plan our lives, but that didn’t work because the Lord could have had other plans for us. The death of a near and dear is always a painful event, because it involves the loss of memories that are relevant. Death is an event that is not identified, controlled by God. Our parents took care of us in our childhood. In old age, when our parents were in “second childhood”, it is our duty to preserve it with great devotion. Our kids pay attention to us and will follow our behavior.


There is uncertainty in life and death.

It exists everywhere.

We’re not sure, most of the time.

God never tells us, about our demise.

We design, for longevity; that may not have

We are planning our activities, but God could have had other plans for us.

All activities arranged by him.

We are pawns in the game.

Why do we exist?

What is the purpose of his creation?

There is a new life, in all species, at any time.

And some of the existing start life in a way that we cannot understand.

FIFO is not always implemented.

Do you consider our actions, to avenge or punish them later?

Why should keep a large database for all living things?

We are all rewarded or punished over our actions simultaneously in our lives.

Accept the verdict of God

Not easy to accept the decision of God hard-at the time of the death of our neighbors and dear.

It’s never easy

Will not be easy.

My father away from us!

My father, 94 years old, more slowly in spite of us.

Remember his father, who lost 90 years ago.

Remember his mother, who lost, 70 years ago.

He remembered his brothers, who left for heavenly abode them, 50-60 years ago.

He’s restless and often irrational.

Now he is sleeping and will wake up again in an instant.

He was in bed, because of arthritis in his knees.

He suffers from a mild dementia.

He wants to get out of bed, which she did.

We are having a hard time trying to distract his mind.

She is wearing a urine catheter, but he was still concerned with the disadvantage.

It’s hard to be heard.

He just felt and shouted “is there someone?”

He wants to sits, when he was already in a sitting position on the bed.

A guard must understand people with dementia.

middle of the night

He wants to go and meet my late mother.

Proceed with your request, endlessly.

The solution lies in a transfer of his chains.

There is a “change” in the father and the father we know we’re dealing with.

He identified us pretty well, but we wanted a good past.

We can tolerate physically disabled father.

We can take care of her.

He follows us in our childhood.

We will face a “second childhood”.

Dementia affects one’s identity.

We hope that mankind will find the solution, as soon as possible.

Waiting for entrance to service to God

He was under the care of “hospice” in the United States.

This severe pain, without proactive care.

It is similar to the “waiting room” – waiting for entrance ticket for a flight to God.

There is uncertainty.

Decide, when to call!

We are waiting for your last command.

We asked our dad, “How are you?”

She smiled and replied “wait for call”.

We have no other choice but to thank God for the longevity of our father.

We pray in our hearts.

If only he freed him from the dementia!

Lord hear our prayer!

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